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Meesterlijke Koffie & Thee

Fancy good coffee? You can get the very best coffee at Meesterlijke Koffie & Thee!

Meesterlijk Koffie


10 MIN

Oyfo Techniekmuseum

The museum provides a picture of the Twente industry; past, present and future. In the museum, a century and a half of industrial development has been brought together in a dynamic way. From steam engine to space travel.

The museum motto is Discover! Play! Enjoy!; So also very suitable for the little ones.

Tuesday - Friday 12:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday 12:00 - 5:00 pm 
For openinghours during holidays check

Admission € 8,00 and children up to 3 years free
Industriestraat 9, Hengelo

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Outside activities

180 MIN

Cycling through Hengelo and the green surroundings

From City Hotel Hengelo you first cycle through the beautiful old heart of Hengelo. Like Enschede, Hengelo emerged thanks to the textile industry in the nineteenth century. There are some beautiful old buildings to admire here, such as the old St. Lambert's Basilica. Further on you will pass Techniekmuseum Heim, a nice starter. You will also pass through Tuindorp 't Lansink, a beautiful old neighborhood with a protected face. So much fun and then you are not even out of Hengelo!

90 MIN

Walking with your dog

You can relax in the Twente landscape. You start at Café Sprakel in Lonneker (12 km from the hotel). You walk along the Lonnekermolen from 1851. During the Second World War, this mill played a more important role. During this period, the miller illegally made large quantities of flour that kept many families alive. The versatility of Twente continues to surprise you. Also around Lonneker you walk through a wonderfully quiet landscape where bushes, streams and hay and grasslands alternate. At the intersection of Braakweg and Zuidkamp, ​​you will pass two monumental buildings. At number 140 you can see the oldest building: a coach house from 1884.

225 MIN

Cycling along the havezates at Hengelo

From City Hotel Hengelo you first ride your legs loose in the countryside. You will immediately experience that characteristic Twente tranquility. In Deurningen you can see some authentic Saxon farms. At Landgoed Kaamps you are welcome for a pit stop, before you immerse yourself in the landscape of Twente again. When you arrive at Restaurant 't Hertme's Ambacht, you probably feel like eating something. Then you can take a look at the Grotenhuis, a former manor house.


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Stichting Hengelo Promotie

Would you like to know what to see, do and experience in Hengelo? Then visit the Tourist Information Point (TIP) at Markt 8 in Hengelo. The place to be for advice when visiting our city. But also for residents with a question about Hengelo. At the Tourist Information Point you will find walks, cycling routes, network maps of Twente, brochures of tourist attractions and a city map. This information is available for you free of charge. The hostesses are happy to tell you more about our beautiful city.

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Lunch, dinner and drinks
with an Italian touch!

Gran Caffè Markanti is a cozy restaurant with a long bar at the front, small seating areas everywhere and an open kitchen in the back. Thanks to the open kitchen, all those delicious smells immediately make you feel like an Italian meal. Every day you can go here for a cold beer, a delicious glass of wine and a good dinner with an Italian touch.

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Maison Gustaf

If you're just as fond of cake as the cake lovers among us, then you really have to eat a delicious pastry at Gustaf. Here, confectioner Jan makes the most delicious things!

Maison Gustaf

Rail pleasure

A ride on a rail bike is more than just the experience of the track. There are several fun and interesting things to see in the immediate vicinity of the route. This starts with the Fanny Blankers-Koen Stadium at the departure point and the route of the track along the Kuipersdijk in Hengelo.

On the way to Twekkelo you will pass the bridges of the lock complex in the Twente Canal, which is a National Monument. Also at the terminus of the line, on the edge of the hamlet of Twekkelo, are several interesting sights such as "Het Plukreef" (300 meters), tea garden Op "t Oorbeck (1,500 meters) and" De Zuivelhoeve "(500 meters).

Furthermore, the area around the railway is characterized by AKZO's historic wooden salt drilling towers, some of which are just a few hundred meters away from the railway.


Poppodium Metropool

Poppodium Metropool can be counted among the most beautiful pop music venues in the Netherlands. Not only do big names appear, but also the smaller emerging bands get a chance here. Artists often stay overnight with us, so you may well encounter your idol at breakfast. The nice thing is that in combination with your Metropool admission ticket you can stay overnight with us at a nice discount.

Metropool slide-imago.jpg



Prins Bernhardplantsoen

Prins Bernhard plantsoen
Prins Bernhardplantsoen



De Buurman Food & Drinks

'An eatery for everyone, with a very extensive menu for everyone. In addition to the fixed menu, a constantly changing specialty menu, depending on the season. And of course a three-course menu. In good weather in summer, the Buurman has a beautiful terrace with about 50 seats. The restaurant is right next to the hotel.

De Buurman Food & Drinks Hengelo

Indian restaurant Bombai Spice

Bombai Spice, an authentic Indian restaurant.

Bombay Spice



Grand-Café The Two Orphans/Beer- and Eetcafé 't Pleintje





On Wednesdays and Saturdays the market is open on the market square, from 09:00 till 17:00.