Tips from the team

Ingrid about her favourite spots in Hengelo

As a born Hengelo inhabitant, Ingrid knows all the good spots in the city. Staying in the hotel? Then there is a good chance that you will meet her at the reception desk to tell you even more about her favourite places.


De Houtmaat in Hengelo is a place you really must visit, according to Ingrid: ‘Houtmaat is a really beautiful outdoor location. It is one of the most popular wedding locations around here. It also has a very nice restaurant where you can sit and enjoy the terrace in the summer. It is also super fun for children. Near the Houtmaat is the "herdertjeskamp" located. That is a kind of petting zoo and everyone who comes from around here always calls it that. Admission is free, so I would definitely recommend going there.’

Anno 1890

Wine bar Anno 1890 may not have been open for that long, but it is already one of Ingrids favourite spots in the city: ‘Anno 1890 is really a hidden gem in Hengelo. You cannot find it very easily on the internet; that is probably because it opened just before the corona crisis in 2020. I really like this place and come there quite often. You can have a high-wine and eat delicious tapas.’

Street art route

If you go to Hengelo by train, you already encounter street art. ‘In the last years, they have been adding a lot of colour to Hengelo. There is a piece of street art in almost every street. The biggest street art work is of course the one on the car park behind our hotel. The artist who made that work even slept in our hotel for a couple of weeks, to be able to spend as much time as possible on the artwork. Next to all that new street art, they are also going to completely renovate the market square. There will be fountains, more green and they are also going to make small stages for the events held there.’

Ingrid City hotel Hengelo.jpg

Delicous Hengelo (Heerlijk Hengelo)

Hengelo also hosts many (small) events. For example, there is The Night of Hengelo and Tropical Night. But Ingrids favourite event definitely is Heerlijk Hengelo. Ingrid: ‘Events are often organized on the market square and at other locations throughout the city, but if I had to choose, Heerlijk Hengelo would be my favourite. At the end of August, the Burgemeester Jansenplein is transformed into a kind of food market. Entrepreneurs from all over the city have a small stand to prepare and sell the most delicious snacks. They form a circle with a big bar and music in the middle, surrounded by tables that make a big terrace. You can order small snacks from different stands and easily taste something at a restaurant you never went to before. As a food lover, Heerlijk Hengelo is my all-time favourite.

Twickel Estate

Ingrid: ‘People often come to our hotel to hike or cycle around and ask for our tips. The street art route is great to walk of course, but if they want to go a bit further, I always recommend Twickel Estate. There is a large and very beautiful castle there, that not many people know about. It is only a 25-minute bike ride or you can also walk there, but it is more than 6 km. In the summer the castle is usually open. You can wander the estate itself, which I like to do myself. At one point, there is a wooden path through the estate, and I always feel like I'm on safari. That wooden path is also really the Instagram hotspot of Hengelo, by the way.’